RDG/570: Curriculum Const And Assmt: Reading And Lang Arts For Spe

Wk 7 Team – Writing Development Presentation [due Mon]

Assignment Content

  1. Note: Submit one PDF or PPT file for this assignment. Check in with the team early in the week to organize the assignment and post individual contributions to the team assignment by noon on Sunday. Remember that each team member needs to document contributions to the team assignment in the discussion for the team assignment.
    Imagine that the members of your team are the literacy coaches for a K–8 school. The district’s state test scores in writing have been trending down for the last several years and they see a need for professional development in this area. Your team is tasked with creating a training regarding the writing process and best practices for instruction.
    Create a 3 slide presentation in which you:
    • Explain accommodations, modifications, and adaptations for exceptional learners.
    • Describe methods for evaluating writing

    Include a title page along with in-text citations and a reference page in APA format citing the course readings and professional education resources from the University’s library database rather than Google searches.